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Sorensen Media Group | TJC happens to be an interesting plan and offered numerous types of reports to get over numerous rates.
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TJC happens to be an interesting plan and offered numerous types of reports to get over numerous rates.

TJC happens to be an interesting plan and offered numerous types of reports to get over numerous rates.

TJC happens to be an interesting plan and offered numerous types of reports to get over numerous rates.

I’ve not ever been disappointed making use of their provider or items furnished.

I Like TJC and that I usually pick their…

I love TJC and that I always look for her customer care most pleasing and useful. I also love the presenters as they lighten up my personal time whenever I watch the Chanel. I’ve recently bought some lovely Leighton Denny services and products. The hand-wash and lotion have made my personal arms truly soft and smells devine.

There Has Been plenty of problems with your…

There is many complications with your website, which makes it near on impractical to bid in the ?1 auctions. When I contacted CS they only state there aren’t any dilemmas. It has already been taking place for each week now. In addition there are a lot of delays getting my instructions around for shipping, and commands are split up being provided on different dates making it tough to continue on track about what We have gotten and the thing I have not.Other than that typically I am happy with the merchandise.

Wrong items sent

My spouse bought me personally the Opatra Synergy emerge Rose, on 28/08/21. He gave it in my experience 14 days ago. We unsealed it a few days back and is not the set in flower so there are no safety handles on the three tools. We contacted customer service last night and that I cannot go back the ready even as we have obtained they over thirty days. It states throughout the acknowledgment there was free renewal shedding gel which we don’t get. I will be driving my personal issue on to Trading criteria on Monday.

Excuse After Reason

I ordered on the 18th September and still have never received my personal products. Current reason is caused by a technical error, last weeks ended up being as a result of associates isolating. I have sent a large number of emails and phone calls.Each times i will be informed it was remedied! I’ve the TJC plus which makes sure a 2 time quick shipments, it does not guaranteed such a thing, my past purchase got more two weeks. Escape, it is maybe not worth the trouble!

Im very sorry that you hitwe login with facebook have not gotten your own items. You most certainly needs was given it by now. Im so sorry.

The problem has become escalated on handling of the Warehouse and I also has requested urgent dispatch with the items.

Kind regards,CraigTJC – Customer Support

Purchased a young child’s money box on 28th…

Bought children’s money-box on 28th September and also have perhaps not gotten it however, unhappy

Thank you so much for the assessment.

It is also disappointing to understand you have not gotten the object. I could notice that it absolutely was dispatched on seventh Oct.

A member for the Resolutions group will be working for you because of this order soon.

Best wishes,CraigTJC – Customer Service

Eliminate at completely all outlay

About a week ago I placed your order for a ring and bracelet from TJC. I purchased these as a final second bithday present.

A single day following the purchase had been stuck on “being prepared” within the app and so I delivered TJC an email to ask for an inform as I decided to go with quick shipment and paid for they.

Around an hour later Ben answered with, i am examining your own order today and I also’ll be in touch soon. Another 2 the past without an update from Ben’s earlier e-mail. And so I emailed them ONCE AGAIN. This time I managed to get a reply over the next day to express, sorry but we can not select an order in purchase quantity you really have given.

When I delivered another e-mail frantically to Ben saying TJC took the money out-of my bank. I want this product or a refund or I’ll be contacting my lender.

Another 24 hours later Ben replies once more. Now according to him they have found the transaction but due to a technical mistake with TJC the order has not been invoiced. Then he explained your installment hadn’t proceed through to TJC and was still pending using my financial. The guy ensured me that the order hadn’t reached TJC and also in 5 to 7 working days money would apparently be gone back to my personal levels. I examined the TJC app additionally the order have vanished from my order record.

Very discouraged and today worry ed that I would personallynot have the presents soon enough I ordered the same merchandise once again through the TJC account on Amazon with assured prime delivery.

These materials arrived a single day after.

Out of interest I unsealed my TJC levels in order to find out if the first order have reappeared and revealed as terminated. When I gone into my order history to my surprise the transaction had reappeared and from now on revealed as sent.

I emailed TJC time and again Ben responded 35 days afterwards. He said that the order have now been dispatched and would reach the house in 24 hours or less.

Positively extravagant customer support and I also have 2 of the identical bracelets and 2 of the same rings.

I now have the hassle when trying to go back the second purchase through Amazon attain a refund.

P.S the wristband that I purchased from TJC on Amazon is exactly the same bracelet when I purchased throughout the TJC site. Yet on the Amazon wristband the gems is half the dimensions as gem rocks throughout the one we at first bought from TJC. These prospects us to think that the standard just isn’t reliable.