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Sorensen Media Group | Broadcast Engineering Assistant
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Broadcast Engineering Assistant

Tumon, GU


Sorensen Media Group (SMG), a privately-held media and entertainment company in the Mariana Islands with holdings in television, radio, and internet broadcasting, is looking for a Sales Account Executive to join our team at Broadcast Centre Acanta Mall located in Tumon.

  • Radio stations include Power 98 FM, Newstalk K57 AM, 105 Kat FM, and The Shark Guam and CNMI.

Television stations include ABC7 and Fox6 on Guam and ABC7 on Saipan.

  • Radio and nightly television news is provided to each station and the internet by our news organization The Pacific News Center, Guam (PNC).
  • Red Dragon Productions provides audio, video, and digital production and marketing services across social media platforms for our clients.

We believe that new ideas have a way of becoming extraordinary products, services, and customer experiences very quickly.


Broadcast Engineer Assistant

The Broadcast Engineering Assistant is part of a team that installs, maintains, and repairs network, studio, transmitting, and ancillary equipment in order to maintain quality signals on Guam and Saipan while complying with all FCC technical requirements. This includes responsibility for telephones, computers, and physical infrastructure systems. General responsibilities, as a team member, with instruction and assistance:

• Performs preventative and corrective maintenance on radio and television broadcast equipment, telephone systems, computers, and networks.

• Performs preventative and corrective maintenance on facilities.

• For remote broadcasts, performs initial surveys of location, configures and connects equipment, and assists with general logistics.

After probationary period and training:

• Will rotate with other team members to be on call for after-hours emergencies.

• Will occasionally work as TV Master Control operator.

Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

• Pass drug test.

• Read, write, and speak American English.

• Ability to carry out written and verbal instructions.

• Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

• Must be able to stand, stoop, kneel, climb ladders, and work with hand tools.

• Valid drivers license with a good driving record.

The Ideal Candidate:

• Knowledge of network classes and numbering conventions.

• Familiarity with Windows computers and Microsoft Office software.

• Familiarity with electrical systems, plumbing, air con, standby generators, and transfer switches.


• High school diploma or GED with a strong background in math and science.

The Broadcast/Transmitter Engineer operates, maintains, updates and repairs hardware and systems used for broadcasting and business operations.

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