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Sorensen Media Group | “Barys” – “Traktor”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev
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“Barys” – “Traktor”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

“Barys” – “Traktor”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

If the Chelyabinsk team more or less oklemalsya, and this is not the first time this season, but still can not reach a level that will allow them to play at least on an equal footing with at least someone at the first stage of the playoffs, then Barys has not only gained a decent speed, but is gradually gaining play-offs, which he initially saw as very decent.

That is, according to the current state, Barys looks more solid and more powerful than the Chelyabinsk residents. Also on the side of the Kazakh team is the statistics of personal meetings. Not all – no one has a very big advantage there. Rather, the statistics of the last three seasons, since the Kazakh guys have beaten Traktor for five matches in a row. And they do it with equal pleasure both in Astana and in Nur-Sultan and Chelyabinsk.

Traktor, of course, will include its dryer Ural residents have practically no other options for obtaining a positive result. But the times when she worked flawlessly, shocking teams that were much more experienced and skilled than Barys, are gone and still won’t come back. At least on a permanent basis. That is, to arrange a classic drought and play on the counterattacks, Chelyabinsk citizens, in principle, can. But the faultlessness of such a game during the entire time of the match, which is capable of bringing a score result, I would estimate at 15 percent, maximum 20. The remaining 80-85 percent is the washer that Traktor missed quite quickly, the crumpling of all Napoleonic plans, moving forward with large forces with bare rear and, consequently, getting the tinsel in decent quantities.

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Since 80 is anything more and 15, and even 20, I predict a home victory of Barys with the drying attempts of Chelyabinsk residents. That is, the number of pucks will be very small, and the master’s victory will be minimal for the most part. But she will still be in regular time.

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