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Sorensen Media Group | 15+ Anime Figures That Are Straight Up Otakus & Weebs
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15+ Anime Figures That Are Straight Up Otakus & Weebs

15+ Anime Figures That Are Straight Up Otakus & Weebs

15+ Anime Figures That Are Straight Up Otakus & Weebs

Otakus and weebs are normal in anime . And thats not surprising. They presents Japanese lifestyle.

But its much less typical as tropes like Tsundere because you dont see Otakus in most anime of each period.

Unlike the sort deres for the industry.

  • Gamers
  • Otakus
  • Weebs
  • Anime devotee
  • Figurine lovers

These re the categories of figures you can expect in this article. And an effective blend of each.

Lets begin.

1. Kaho Hinata (Blend S)

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Kaho Hinata is just one of the primary waitresses during the mix S series.

In this anime , each waiter plays a job because of their subscribers. So that its maybe not a regular cafe.

Kaho Hinatas role is of a Tsundere who takes on games. She also assists the girl clientele when they are gamers.

In real world away from cafe though, Kaho is a genuine player and Otaku. And shes maybe not ashamed from it both.

The woman interest was authentic.

2. Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

Junichirou Kagami is the primary personality of Denpa Kyoushi. Or perhaps in English: The Greatest Otaku Instructor.

Hes an Otaku who turns out to be a teacher and ends up with a training design extracted from video gaming.

The guy utilizes video games as recommendations and metaphors which will make points and to let their pupils relate.

Beyond coaching hes an all out Otaku, accumulating anime figurines and obtaining excited over things pertaining to it.

Hes the master of a prominent web log on the internet nicely.

3. Kirino Kousaka (My little sibling Cant Be This sweet )

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Kirino try a wardrobe Otaku, hidden their passions and hobby from her mothers and more mature cousin.

Sooner or later though she happens the closet and opens herself doing the lady brother about the girl massive range.

An accumulation figurines, anime DVD S, merch and add-ons in her own space Conveniently concealed and saved concealed.

Shes among anime s major figures.

4. Tomoya Aki (How Exactly To Increase A Monotonous Girlfriend)

Tomoya Aki could be the biggest male protagonist from the series. Its a harem and a Ecchi/slice of lives show.

Their aim would be to build a matchmaking sim online game, with additional Otakus, authors as well as other real Russian singles dating site creatives.

Of the many characters in Saekano: just how to boost a humdrum girl, Tomoya is probably the most open about his hobby.

Hes not merely one to full cover up they but hes not extremely dramatic about it either.

5. Karen Tendou (Players)

Karen Tendou was a real gamer and fanatic from a string dedicated to anything game titles.

Among the biggest characters of tv show, shes 1st girl you notice whos into video games significantly more than it seems.

She likes to perform games in a bunch but may nonetheless enjoy playing video gaming by by herself outside of socializing.

6. Konata Izumi (Fortunate Superstar)

Konata Izumi is a shameless Otaku whom wont allow people or any such thing stand-in ways of her passions.

Shes a casual dynamics would yount strain about excess, and is also smart despite just how lazy she’s when it comes to degree.

Konata loves to cosplay as the lady favored figures, visit anime conventions, perform game titles and anything about exactly what Otakus include into.

7. Kazuto Kirigaya ( Blade Art Online )

Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) doesnt wanted a lot of an intro. Hes also greatest.

Despite, the fact he had been in a position to achieve really in the VR field of gaming lets you know a great deal about his devotion and identity as an Otaku.

Hes the kind exactly who wants to getting questioned and constantly really wants to do the games one step further.

Hes one of the largest & most fanatical players for the anime markets.

8. Ako Tamaki (therefore thought there seemed to be never ever a female on-line?)

Ako Tamaki is among the biggest characters, and ends up becoming the surprise since Hideki, another MC, based expect you’ll see female gamers on line.

Ako is just one of the feminine gamers and Otakus with the tv show.

Within the games they perform, Ako was Hidekis partner. And that kind of rolls to the real life whenever they strat to get to learn each other most.

9. Devil Lord Diablo (Just How To Not Ever Summon A Demon Lord)

Diablo as hes also known as from inside the anime collection, ended up being a normal Otaku for the real world. But is carried to the field of their preferred online game once the demon lord Diablo.

This Isekai try Ecchi at their best. Enthusiast solution aplenty, tiddies, cliches, not to mention a harem to finest it off.

Interestingly the anime was entertaining, but Diablo is considered to be an Otaku.

10. Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero)

Subaru Natsuki try an authentic Otaku you never know exactly about video games, RPG, and dream type of video games.

You will find this whenever hes basic transported into another globe, and just how his brain initiate run wild with options of whats to come.

In the wide world of Re:Zero though, he concerns realize its an Otakus worst nightmare. As it gets real, as really does the pain sensation and issues stage that accompany they.

11. Sophie Twilight (Ms. vampire who stays in my personal neighbor hood)

Sophie Twilight was a vampire who resides by by herself, and it is over 300+ yrs old.

After getting live for a long time it is merely natural hearsay starting dispersing, hences how Akira, another MC becomes Sophies buddy. And stays in their mansion.

Significantly more than anybody else inside the collection. Sophie was a serious Otaku exactly who enjoys anime and has a tendency to binge check out anime a large amount.

She decides to get blood packs online wholesale to drink, in place of giving down humans.

12. Dino (Mixture S)

Dino, since known as the manager in mix S is just one of the anime s funniest characters.

Hes an Italian guy who is going to become awkward, but is likely to have actually his cardio and objectives in the best source for information.

Hes maybe not the type of Otaku whos shameless and will actually run as far as hidden all their Otaku range whenever inviting company over to their suite.